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A Leading Manufacturer of Forged and Machined Components.


Spire can manufacture Forged as well as Precision Machined Components in various Ferrous and Non-Ferrous grades as follows:

Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel

Carbon Steel / Mild Steel

Bronze Alloys

Aluminum Alloys

Duplex / Super Duplex




We supply Flanged, Threaded – Screwed, Socket Weld-In, Vanstone, Weld-In types of Thermowells as per customers requirement and customer drawings in various grades starting from SS316L to Inconel.
Length: 500 mm

Forged Turbine Blades

Forged Turbine Blades: We manufacture various type of Turbine Blades predominantly in Stainless Steel with overall length up to 750mm (30”) and initial weight amounting up to 80kg (180lb) as follows:
1. Straight Blades
2. Twisted Blades
3. Curved Blades
Length: 725mm

Planetary Carriers

We supply various Planetary carriers in As-Forged and heat treated condition with weight ranges from 1Kg to 40 Kgs (2.2 Lbs – 88 Lbs) for 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 modules. We are capable of manufacturing even larger carriers.

Track Links

We manufacture Track links for various Earthmoving equipments as well as defense in bulk. We are also capable of supplying the entire assembly.
Weight / Link: 5Kg to 40 Kgs (11 Lbs – 88 Lbs)


We manufacture various bodies from ½” to 6”.


We manufacture various forged Balls from 1” to 12” in Stainless Steel.

Gears & Pinions

We can manufacture Gears, Pinions, Ring Gears, Bull Gears, Transmission Gears, Engine Gears, etc. These can be supplied in As Forged and Fully Turned condition. We specialize in manufacture of
Weight Range: From 1 Kg to 100 Kg (2.2 to 200 Lbs).
Diameter: 70 (3”)– 500 (20”) mm
Length: 50 (2”) – 400 (16”) mm